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Wollay's pet, Joschii.

Pets are tamed friendly mobs whose primary purpose is to defend the player they're accompanying.

Pets that are too far/stuck can be teleported to the player by unequipping the pet from the 'Pet' slot and re-equipping it, or simply by pressing the T key to call them.


[edit] Taming

Pet guide infographic

Pets can be tamed by equipping the correct pet food item (see table below) in the pet slot and moving close the desired mob. Hostile mobs will not attack, but eat the food instead. Once the food is eaten up, the mob will become tame. This process takes longer for Rare Mobs. If more than one neutral mob is trying to eat the pet food, only the one which finishes first will become the tamed pet, while the others will start attacking.

When a pet is tamed, there is a small chance that the pet will stay at the level it had previous to taming; usually, however, its level will be lowered to the current level of the player(sometimes). It is far more useful to tame wild mobs with a higher level than the player (name in red), due to the fact that the pet will already be the player's level instead of needing to be leveled up.

It is possible to tame bosses, though when a boss is tamed it will change into a normal sized pet. (Sometimes the boss will be duplicated in the world, causing it to continue attacking the player.)

[edit] Pet Types

  • Melee pets are the most common pets and attack from close range.
  • Ranged pets can shoot projectiles from a distance.
  • Tank pets deal less damage but have higher endurance and generate more aggro.
  • Healer pets have healing abilities to heal their master and friends.
  • Mount pets are ridable and enable faster traveling.
Pet Info & Taming Foods Sorted by Pets
Pet Food Pet Type Mountable Location found
Alpaca (Dark) Chocolate Cupcake Melee Yes Greenlands Snowlands Ocean Desert Jungle
Alpaca (Light) Vanilla Cupcake Melee Yes Greenlands Snowlands Ocean Desert Jungle
Bark Beetle Bread Melee Yes Greenlands
Bat Mango Juice Melee No Cave
Biter Pancakes Melee No Greenlands Desert
Black Cat Candy Melee Yes City Dungeon
Bumblebee Biscuit Role Melee No River
Bunny Carrot Melee Yes Greenlands Snowlands
Camel Date Cookie Melee Yes Desert
Chicken Cereal Bar Melee No Greenlands
Collie Bubble Gum Melee Yes City Dungeon
Crab Strawberry Cocktail Melee No Lake
Crocodile Apple Ring Melee Yes Jungle Ocean
Crow Licorice Candy Melee No Greenlands
Desert Runner Caramel Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Desert
Duckbill Sugar Candy Melee Yes River Mountain
Fire Beetle Curry Melee Yes Lavalands Desert
Fly Fruit Basket Melee No Greenlands Jungle
Hornet Popcorn Melee No Greenlands
Horse Candied Apple Melee Yes Greenlands
Leaf Runner Mint Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Jungle Ocean
Lemon Beetle Lemon Tart Melee Yes Greenlands
Lion Unknown Melee Yes Savannah
Midge Melon Ice Cream Melee No Desert
Mole Chocolate Donut Melee No Greenlands
Monkey Banana Split Melee No Jungle Ocean
Mosquito Bloodorange Juice Melee No Desert Lavalands Canyon
Owl Lollipop Melee No Greenlands
Parrot Ginger Tartlet Melee No Jungle Ocean Greenlands
Peacock Chocolate Cookie Melee Yes Greenlands
Penguin Softice Melee No Snowlands
Pig Pumpkin Mash Melee Yes City Greenlands
Porcupine Blackberry Marmalade Melee Yes Desert Ocean Jungle
Plain Runner Milk Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Greenlands
Raccoon Chocolate Cake Melee No Greenlands
Scottish Terrier Croissant Melee Yes City Greenlands
Seagull Salted Caramel Melee No Ocean
Sheep Cotton Candy Melee Yes City
Slime Jelly (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green) Melee Yes Cave Canyon Forest
Snout Beetle Lolly Ranged Yes Greenlands Snowlands Desert Jungle Ocean
Snow Runner White Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Snowlands
Spitter Water Ice Ranged/Healer No Lake Jungle
Squirrel Strawberry Cake Melee No Greenlands Snowlands
Terrier Waffle Melee Yes City
Turtle Cinnamon Role Melee/Tank Yes Lake Jungle Greenlands

[edit] Combat

Pets will attack the enemy that their owner has last attacked regardless if their owner dealt damage or not.

If a pet dies it will re-spawn at the player's location after a short while.

[edit] Leveling

Pets will gain XP when the player or pet kills a monster while the pet is equipped and - like the player - will level up when they have enough XP. Pets gain experience when Mobs are killed, while the pet is equipped and alive. A pet will receive the same experience as their owner. This appears to be broken sometimes while playing in parties. Pets keep their level and experience when unequipped.

[edit] Pet Naming

To rename a pet, press the return key ↵ Enter to bring up the chat and type the following command: /namepet <name> (<name> being the desired name of the pet). If desired, to add spaces in a pet's name, press the Spacebar then hold Template:Ctrl and press the ← Backspace key. The game thinks there is no longer a space there, but there is, allowing one to give a pet a longer name like "Terry the Great". This circuitous method may be changed in future updates.

[edit] Pet Stamina

Pet stamina is displayed as 5 blue water droplet icons and depletes over time when riding. When the stamina is empty (all 5 droplets are invisible) the pet is not mountable until the stamina has been refreshed. Pet stamina will regenerate very quickly when the pet is on or in water. Stamina is shared between all pets, thus the player can't simply swap out pets when stamina is depleted on one.

[edit] Trivia

  • Wollay also stated that he plans on adding 'Pet Evolution', which will enable for certain pets to evolve over time.
  • Wollay has mentioned the addition of Rare Pets with special looks and abilities.
  • Rare Mobs can be tamed and keep their abilities. In addition to the Rare Mob keeping its abilities, other pets you take out also have those abilities. Unequipping any pet from your slot after taming a Rare Mob will cause them to lose their abilities. To safely keep the abilities, only swap the pets (Pet Foods does not count).
    • These abilities are not just limited to only one. Certain Rare Mobs have larger ability pools available for them to use. An example would be that some Spitters from boss quests may have Intercept and Fire Explosion in their pool. Once tamed, all of your other pets will also have this within their pool, but they'll only use one to two of them at a time. To switch which one they will use requires you to swap your pets back and forth (DO NOT TAKE THEM RIGHT OFF THE SLOT) until they have the desired abilities.
      • The "Summon Race" or "Replicate Target" abilities will create an enemy version even though the pet is on your side.
  • Riding Skill also affects pets' swimming speed when riding.

[edit] See also

[edit] Bugs

  • When on a server, pet items are not updated when a pet earns experience or gains a level. So when playing on a server, pets will lose any experience or level gained whenever one changes a pet, or due to a bug whereby a pet seems to be unequipped and reequipped. However, pet items are updated correctly in single player mode. So training one's pets in single player will work, and this will carry over to multiplayer mode.
  • Stunned pets are mountable.
  • If you attack a target dummy or a scarecrow, your pet might keep running towards it regardless of how far away from it you are, until the pet is killed and respawns. You can recall your pet by pressing T.
  • Pets killed while riding will still give movement speed to player. Characters will float giving the impression (animation) that it's still riding a pet.
  • If you unequip a pet its level may change causing it to have a higher level then you, thus making it impossible to re-equip until you reach the same level.
  • If you equip a piece of armour, the pet's level will be reset.

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