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Equipment is a name for items that can be equipped into the main equipment slots. You can obtain all types of equipment by crafting them, opening chests in dungeons, or finding it as loot from a mob. You can have weapons, chest armor, shoulder armor two rings, gloves, boots, amulets and special equipment that can only be obtained by purchasing them from item shops (hang gliders and boats) . Equipment can have different rarity and power levels depending on the level of the creature you got it from. The rarity system is normal (white text) emerald (green text) sapphire (blue text) ruby (purple text) and the best is diamond (yellow text.) Purple and yellow text equipment will have a name (eg Zerma's Iron Breastplate) The higher the power of a piece of equipment the greater its strength. You can craft all rarities of equipment, and every kind as well (except for lights, gliders, and boats) although finding diamonds, and a recipe that calls for them is quite difficult. Equipment that changes the players appearance when equipped include weapons, armor and amulets.


[edit] Weapons

There are two weapon slots: Right Hand and Left Hand. Two handed weapons cannot be equipped if two one handed weapons are already equipped. Weapons change the player's appearance.The weapon is rated by four criteria: Damage,Hp,Critical and Tempo. You can increase damage and Hp by either buying a new weapon or customizing it. You can also add spirit cubes which gives your weapon special abilities.The rarity of the weapon also affects it's stats. Weapons follow the same rarity system as all equipment.

[edit] Armor

There are four armor slots: shoulder, chest, hands, and feet. Armor changes the player's appearance. Armor can be obtained through mob drops, by crafting, or from Armor shops in cities.. Armor increases armor and hp most. Warriors have the best armor stats, since they wear metal, followed by the other classes who use cloth armor. Rogues have slightly higher armor stats as they are primarily melee, followed by rangers, then mages, who have very low armor but high resistance. Armor has the same rarity system as all equipment.

[edit] Amulet

There is one amulet slot. Amulets change the player's appearance. Amulet's also serve to buff up your stats. It affects the Tempo and the Critical chance of your character as well as the reg stat. Similar to rings, gold seems to focus on Critical chance while silver is more balanced. Amulets have the same rarity system as all equipment.

[edit] Rings

There are two ring slots: left ring and right ring. Rings do not change a player's appearance, and which ring is on which hand makes no difference.Rings serve a similar purpose as the amulet, buffing up the stats of your character. Gold and silver rings seem to have different specialties, gold being more focused on Critical chance, while silver is more balanced. Rings follow the same rarity system as all equipment.

[edit] Pet

There is one pet slot. It can contain either a pet cage or a pet food at a given time. In your inventory there is also a dedicated section to pets where you store all your pets and pet food. Pet attacks vary from one pet to the other (i.e:The turtle uses a spin and standard lunge attack) and their damage increases as they level up. You can ride certain pets after increasing the correct ability, which allows you to travel faster, more so as you level it up. Apart from the basic pets, you can find [rare pets] which have special abilities. When taming pets, you simply put the pet food in your pet slot (which puts it in your character's hand) then walk up to the correct pet. If there are more than one of the correct kind of pet present, the unsuccessful one(s) will attack you. Hostile mobs that can be tamed do not attack when you have the correct food equipped, and will stop mid-combat to eat. Pet health rapidly regens outside of combat (or if they aren't being attacked) and dead pets will return to you after a delay. You can also un-equip, then re-equip a pet to quickly get it back.

[edit] Special Equipment

There is one special equipment slot. It can contain a hang glider or a boat. These items can be seen by other players while being used and affect the users movement in special conditions. The hang glider can be taken out when standing still or soon after jumping/falling, however it increases the users hit box and the user will be stunned if they hit anything while off the ground. This includes one block high ledges hitting the character's feet, although if you walk up to a one block high ledge without jumping you will go up it as usual. The hang glider allows the user to glide over a long distance (depending on how high you start) using space to halt descent at a cost of stamina. The boat can be taken out in water at least one block deep. The boat greatly increases the speed of the user, however will disappear immediately on land. If activated underwater, your boat will rapidly go up to the surface, even more so if you hold space. If something hampers your upward progress you have no way to go down except getting out of the boat. By default, the "G" key activates your special slot.Also, you can now equip armor onto pets, but! the pet has to be the same level as the armor you put on it.(This may change with further cube world updates) the keys to equip are Shift+P+E. The pet should be a rare pet. For ex. monkeys are melee/rouge type pets. as they level up. their punching becomes faster. +3s, and +4 monkeys are they only kind of monkeys that you can equip armor onto. they are extremley rare and are not very easy to tame. they are sometimes found in rare jungle areas.

[edit] Light

There is one Light slot. It can contain an Iron Lamp of any rarity. When being used the Lamp can be seen being held in the left hand of the character. Equip your lamp by pressing "f" when it is dark. The rarity of the lamp greatly increases it's light radius, but as of July 23rd 2013 update, does not increase its cost significantly. Lamps use the same rarity system all equipment. A white text lantern barely grants you vision at night, while a yellow text lantern is about twice as bright as a campfire.

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