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Most Pets and some Monsters in Cube World can be tamed. In order to tame a Pet or Mob, the player needs to feed it with its favorite food. The challenge is to find out which food they like and to obtain the food from either random Mob drops or from the General Store. Once the player has the correct Pet Food, they must place it in the Pet equipment slot or simply right click on the correct food, and walk up to the animal or monster they would like to tame. If they like it, they will start munching on it and the player will acquire a Pet. The pet can then be equipped and unequipped from the Pet slot. You can also level up your pet. Later on in the game you will be able to unlock the riding skill and ride on your pet making it much quicker and easier to get around the world.

Trying to tame two or more mobs of the same kind with one food item will only tame the mob which made the first bite. As the item will disappear after that, the other mobs will start attacking the player once the first mob is tamed.

Taming rare or boss creatures will shrink them down to normal size and lose any abnormal effects they spawned with.

[edit] Strategy

It is advisable to avoid equipping pet food for a hostile mob that is chasing you. If a mob begins to chase you before you have equipped its food, run from the mob until it loses interest in attacking you, then equip the food and approach the mob. Then gently hold the food out until it goes up you and the heart goes it's biggest, this is how much it loves you and when it is big it will be tame.

Pet Info & Taming Foods Sorted by Pets
Pet Food Pet Type Mountable Location found
Alpaca (Dark) Chocolate Cupcake Melee Yes Greenlands Snowlands Ocean Desert Jungle
Alpaca (Light) Vanilla Cupcake Melee Yes Greenlands Snowlands Ocean Desert Jungle
Bark Beetle Bread Melee Yes Greenlands
Bat Mango Juice Melee No Cave
Biter Pancakes Melee No Greenlands Desert
Black Cat Candy Melee Yes City
Bumblebee Biscuit Role Melee No River
Bunny Carrot Melee Yes Greenlands Snowlands
Camel Date Cookie Melee Yes Desert
Chicken Cereal Bar Melee No Greenlands
Collie Bubble Gum Melee Yes City Dungeon
Crab Strawberry Cocktail Melee No Lake
Crocodile Apple Ring Melee Yes Jungle Ocean
Crow Licorice Candy Melee No Greenlands
Desert Runner Caramel Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Desert
Duckbill Sugar Candy Melee Yes River Mountain
Fire Beetle Curry Melee Yes Lavalands Desert
Fly Fruit Basket Melee No Greenlands Jungle
Hornet Popcorn Melee No Greenlands
Horse Candied Apple Melee Yes Greenlands
Leaf Runner Mint Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Jungle Ocean
Lemon Beetle Lemon Tart Melee Yes Greenlands
Midge Melon Ice Cream Melee No Desert
Mole Chocolate Donut Melee No Greenlands
Monkey Banana Split Melee No Jungle Ocean
Mosquito Bloodorange Juice Melee No Desert Lavalands Canyon
Owl Lollipop Melee No Greenlands
Parrot Ginger Tartlet Melee No Jungle Ocean Greenlands
Peacock Chocolate Cookie Melee Yes Greenlands
Penguin Softice Melee No Snowlands
Porcupine Blackberry Marmalade Melee Yes Desert Ocean Jungle
Pig Pumpkin Mash Melee Yes City Greenlands
Plain Runner Milk Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Greenlands
Raccoon Chocolate Cake Melee No Greenlands
Scottish Terrier Croissant Melee Yes City Greenlands
Seagull Salted Caramel Melee No Ocean
Sheep Cotton Candy Melee Yes City Greenlands
Slime Jelly (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green) Melee Yes Cave Canyon Forest Snowlands Ocean
Snout Beetle Lolly Ranged Yes Greenlands Desert Jungle Ocean
Snow Runner White Chocolate Bar Melee Yes Snowlands
Spitter Water Ice Ranged/Healer No Lake Jungle
Squirrel Strawberry Cake Melee No Greenlands Snowlands
Terrier Waffle Melee Yes City
Turtle Cinnamon Role Melee/Tank Yes Lake Jungle

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[edit] Bugs

  • After taming a pet and putting it away in your inventory, the game will spawn a new pet.
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