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A Seed is a certain value that influences the generation of any world in Cube World. It can be any numeric combination. Seeds can be used to share worlds with friends without multiplayer.


[edit] World Generation

When a player chooses to create a new world, an algorithm is called based on the specified seed. The seed determines how the algorithm will want to generate the natural world. Influenced by the seed's value, the world will generate the terrain in a specific way: if the seed is always the same, the newly generated world will be nearly identical if not an exact copy as another world created with the same seed.

If a player chooses to create a world without manually specifying a seed, a random seed is set. Player-made structures will not be generated when a seed is shared or reused in the generation of a new world!

[edit] Seed Algorithm

How seeds will be affected if Wollay updates the algorithm in future updates of the game is unclear.

[edit] Moving from World to World

When you choose a character to add to your world, it will have all the items, level and pets it did on the previous map.

So you can hop from map to map while working on leveling your character.

[edit] Seeds

[edit] Items In Nearest Town

Legendary Iron Lamp 2689 Yellow quality Iron Lamp, costs 4 copper at starting village, extremely bright. video
Epic Iron Lamp 80085 Purple quality Iron Lamp, costs 3 copper at starting village, very bright.
Rare Iron Lamp 27714367 Blue quality Iron Lamp, costs 2 copper at starting village, bright.
Uncommon Iron Lamp 7 Green quality Iron Lamp, costs 1 copper at starting village, somewhat dim.
Bubble Gum 7 Used to tame Collies.
Candy 3 Used to tame black Cats.
Carrot 22 Used to tame Bunnies.
Chocolate Donut 0 , 2 Used to tame Moles.
Cotton Candy 1 , 1968 Used to tame Sheep.
Waffle 5 Used to tame Terriers.
Tier 2, 3, 4 loot 8675309 South West of spawn, Ruins of Ikola contain Undeads +4, Skullbulls and Beetles.

[edit] Item Drops

Fire Spirit +5 814288 Go to the town and then head to the nearest mountain, behind that, there is a river, on the east-side of the river there is a Scottish terrier called Gedara. Kill it.
Fire Spirit +5 9876543 Spawns you next to Mole Boss, kill for Fire Spirit. *He is only a few steps north of spawn* **basically over the hill north of you**
Ice Spirit +14 1033 bunny boss a few meters away from spawn(you can hear it killing the other bunnies)
Unholy Spirit +14 8008 Hill a short walk north of spawn, sheep boss drops Unholy Spirit +14
Wind Spirit +14 522101 Right where you spawn Lantor (Alpaca Boss) right there.
Unholy Spirit +17 138 Just outside starting town, explore to find Asgar epic cat boss, drops Unholy Spirit +17.
Wind Spirit +20 1489 Fly boss on top of hill above spawn(NW)
Wind Spirit +20 13678465 go to NE and you find Theno, a terrier boss, drops Wind Spirit +20.
Fire Spirit +14 814288 Go to the starting town and then walk to the south. There will be a "Rock of ..." Location. Behind that Rock, there is a river leading into the rock. Follow the river to the ed and you will find a duckbill boss that drops the Fire Spirit.
Wind Spirit +24 17 Walk to the top of nearest mountains to spawn, kill epic horse for spirit.
Fire Spirit +36 50135 Explore initial spawn area, off the path to the west is a biter called Krosel, kill it. There is also a Cormling boss right next to Krosel that drops an Unholy Spirit +17.
Wind Spirit +40 94736281 bee boss to the east of spawn
Fire Spirit +49 7777 Squirrelboss right up the Mountain at the Spawn
Ice Spirit +62 1987 North of Starting Town, in Thalrok Lake. Video
Ice Spirit +65 7669 Next to you as you spawn is a Snout Beetle Boss That drops it.
Wind Spirit +68 3293844 In the woods between the spawn and town, kill the Skull Bull Boss, it will summon clones of yourself or your pet.
Fire Spirit +85 1397 Just North East of town is the Ikokor Castle. Orcs +4 drop +85 ish Legendaries. The end boss drops the +85 Fire Spirit. Video
Wind Spirit +91 117771 North-East of Starting Town, in Krokor Palace. Video
Multispirit 987654321 Go to the starting town and then walk to the north. Passed the first river you can find a mountain, on the top there is a boss sheep who drop an Unholy +10. At the end of the mountain (East) there is a chicken boss who drop an Ice +5. Little more North (at the quest marker) a Undead boss will drop Fire +1

[edit] Tier 5 - Red-Tier Items

Better than Legendary items, only required common item (no diamonds, rubies or sapphires).

Cotton Shoulder Armor +53 Formula 30 Go to the South West from the spawn point until you reach ( 2 biomes after) Varrior City then continue to the South-South-West again to the Catacomb of Asmi. If you're having trouble finding them, the catacombs are directly south of the Ruins of Aruden (which is almost directly SW of Varrior City) on the southern side of Sekor Valley. If you hit Krola Canyon you've gone too far south. In this catacomb open the chest and that's it! Also in catacomb in chest T4 items. Items in this Dungeon range from +49 to +53. <Could not find place, after Varrior City, never found Ruins of Aruden> Also, very difficult to kill puppy of death.

Found the Catacombs of Asmi. Image

Cotton Boot +72 Formula 381425268 Go to the North West from the spawn point until you reach Themor City. Then straight to the north and it is in the Narmi Pyramid (2 rooms before the boss) - WARNING +4 mob in a lava land. Video
Cotton Gloves +97 Formula 381425268 Go to the West from the spawn point until you reach the city in the desert. Then head north-east to Thalno Pyramid. The gloves are on your left inside the chest when first taking a turn in the dungeon. - WARNING : Very high level mobs, you should be around lvl 200 to have a chance to beat the dungeon. Video
Iron sword +97 Formula 381425268 Go to the West from the spawn point until you reach the city in the desert. Then head north-east to Thalno Pyramid.The sword is inside the boss rooms chest. - WARNING : Very high level mobs, you should be around lvl 200 to have a chance to beat the dungeon. Video
Wood Boomerang +60 Formula 33336925 Go from the spawn city straight east across the border until you reach the Thalno Tree. Then continue south to the Catacombs of Duragor. Inside the catacombs you will find it in the first chest.


Linen Gloves +72 Formula 1234 Go from the spawn city straight South till you reach Kurgar Castle (It's the second dungeon)In the second chest.


Linen Boots +85 Formula 3332 South east from the first city. Ruins of Lugoden. Undead +4 Powerlevel 80-90.


Silk shoulder +79 Formula 42410 too hard to explain: here the way where to walk.


[edit] Resources

Best 8675309 Ruby, Gold, Iron, Silver, Emerald. When you spawn, turn 180 degrees and go to mountains straight ahead (explore for cave).
Ore rich 420 lots of ore everywhere, but the best location is directly northwest of town, right before you get to your first castle
Ore rich 1337 Very ore rich, scattered
Ore rich 209222 West of first town, mountain range contains Sapphire, gold, silver, iron, emerald. Bring bomb for sapphire. Where the cave is located:
Ore Rich 7661989 Link has all the info. Seed has diamonds, bosses, tons of iron, gold, silver and emerald close to spawn.
Ore Rich 1 South of starting town, Irokia Mountains has massive tunnel complex containing many low level ores.
Ore Rich 78910 In the Mountains around the town. Also has +2 area with Spitter +2 and Crab +2, a lake and a Castle, Bubblegum in the Town store Map: [1]
Ore Rich 46546548 West of the starting town is a dungeon called the Ruins of Anrior. West of those ruins is a mountain. There is a cave pretty much in a straight line west from the dungeon with diamonds inside of it. I believe I entered the cave from an opening at the top of the mountain. Bring a bomb, you may not be able to get it without one due to it being partially embedded in a rock.

Confirmed: There is a huge cave system running through most of the mountain with entrances to all sides.

Ore Rich 1337420 To the south and west of Segar forest (close to spawn) there is Iron and Emerald rich caves.
Ore Rich 7661989 West of starting town in the north eastern end of the Nargar Canyon is a single diamond spawn. The area has +4 mobs and there are 6 bats and 1 undead archer in the cave.
Ore Rich 1998 Contains 3 emerald and 1 ruby node + 2 silver and 1 gold, all directly in the first mountain at spawn heading towards the first town.
Ore rich 2034570235 Ruby, Gold, Iron, Silver, Emerald. Look image where the cave is.

[edit] Dungeons and Castles

Spawn near 3 dungeons 4215864
2 castles 405517260 2 castles, tree with world boss and catacomb near spawn
3 Dungeons 00012 3 dungeons, 1 mission, mines (1 with diamond)
4 Dungeons, Collie at Spawn 8431789 Good XP/Money
28 dungeons ranging from +0 / 1 to a +4 / 100 castle 225 Map - Credits ajdinz
2 dungeons east from town 6492 normal and +1

[edit] For Beginners

For New Players 12345 Has mines!

[edit] Landscapes

Desert Landscape 1036 Extremely close desert landscape, just head south to reach it. for map
Jungle Landscape 9071985 Head east from spawn location, you will find a Jungle Landscape, contains Crocodiles (pet).
Lava Lands Landscape 7777 East from spawn. Very large Lava Land Landscape.
Ocean Landscape 420 Head north from first town, there are chocolate doughnuts in the shop(moles)
Multi-Bioms 9876543 South, North, East snow lands, North east ocean, West Lava Land, for map
Snow and Lava 782013 To the southwest of spawn is a snow landscape, and a lava landscape on the other side of it.

[edit] Notable Creatures

Alpaca, Horse and Snout Beetle 5556481 Explore within 4 blocks chunks of spawn to find bosses. There is also an elite Snout beetle wandering in the river on the way to the town.
Bunny Boss 1033 Places you directly in front of a Bunny Field Boss. Can be tamed. drops ice spirit +14
Owl Boss 117771 Low level owl boss near spawn
Crow and Horse 111 Head to the mountain north-west of spawn.
Pig 21897 Giant pig at spawn
3 Horses, pig elite and Squirrel elite 1224 3 horses right in front of you with a pig elite to the left of them on the hillside and a squirrel elite just behind the horses and crows.
Spitter, Turtle, & Crab 50 Northwest of Spawn. Video
Duckbill Boss 5476433 From the spawn head North East towards the town to find it on top of a hill
Alpaca 3679 when you spawn go west and you'll see him in snow
Radishling 64 along side the river at spawn (drops unholy spirit +14) *also multiple turtles around spawn to tame.* and legendary lamp**
Spitter Boss +4 1987 North of starting town, very close, in Thalrok Lake. Drops Ice Spirit +62. Video
Chicken Rare 449944748 Go to Varkor Palace, Then go into the first cube block to the West, then go North into the first cube block. Then you see the boss Rare somewhere.
Cow Boss 26879 Follow the path, but not to the city, And after a while you'll se the boss. Drops Wind Spirit +20.
Ember Golem Boss 1000 Directions in images on imgur. It is recommended to bring lots of potions and good equipment if you are attempting this solo. He depletes 1/3 of your health bar with a single swing even if you are level 200. Video
Horse Boss 17 Near the spawn in a stone area.Video
Horse boss 641662337
Snow Runner Boss 9876543 Go to the main city. Then go to the south east past Ikolan Valley
Turtle Boss 10 West of starting village, drops Ice Spirit +10 (You will have little trouble defeating it with the four friendly witches!). Great for beginners!
Fly Boss 2689 On your way to get the legendary lamp in the city, there is a roaming Fly boss. Was an easy kill for a lvl 13 Warrior, drops a Wind Spirit +17

Could you add the Sauron Seed? (115) Sauron South from the city, You may see a quest mark over the sauron. ~Kyle

[edit] Multiplayer Default Seed

  • Spawn underwater in a river
  • The Thaldar Mountains (very far to the east, a little west of Aruno city, check the second map) are by far the most rich in ore mountains. There was easily at least 10 emerald deposits, and a boat load of silver and gold.
  • To the west of Spawn Point is the desert area.
  • West of the town is a castle with +4s
  • Map: [2]
  • Another map: [3] Note that top is North-East.
  • Video: How to Find a Portal [4][5]
  • Lands of Terodara locations, drops and power levels (min-max from one run). Map: [6] (Top is North):
    • Ikomi Tree: boss drops Unholy Spirit +1
    • Asmi Tree: boss drops Unholy Spirit +76
    • Damaron Tree: boss drops Wind Spirit +77
    • Narrok Tree: +3 mob, power level 76-85, boss drop unknown
    • Catacombs of Ikosel: +0 mob, power level 1, boss drops Unholy Spirit +1
    • Kurlon Mountains: +0 mob, power level 1-5, boss drops Wind Spirit +5
    • Krogon Castle: +0 mob, power level 1-10, boss drops Unholy Spirit +10
    • Sedara Castle: +0 mob, power level 5-14, boss drops Unholy Spirit +14
    • Ruins of Kroden: +0 mob, power level 16-26, boss drops Ice Spirit +24
    • Varlon Castle: +0 mob, power level 20-26, boss drops Wind Spirit +26
    • Ruins of Aruron: +2 mob, power level 29-38, boss drops Fire Spirit +34
    • Varron Mountains: +2 mob, power level 32-38, boss drops Ice Spirit +38
    • Sanria Palace: +2 mob, power level 36-40, boss drops Wind Spirit +40
    • Kroion Castle: +4 mob, power level 48-53, boss drops Ice Spirit +53
    • Theion Castle: +0 mob, power level 50-60, boss drops Wind Spirit +60
    • Ruins of Lugolon: +1 mob, power level 61-66, boss drops Ice Spirit +66
    • Serior Palace: +0 mob, power level 76-79, boss drops Ice Spirit +79, purple +79 iron sword (Warrior) in the chest
    • Thalgar Castle: +3 mob, power level 80-89, boss drops Ice Spirit +85
    • Rock of Duraron: boss drops Ice Spirit +79
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