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Santa's favorite choice for short travels.

The Hang Glider is an item that helps the player to travel faster by gliding from any spot (better from off mountains or hills), allowing them to travel great distances in the air at high speeds. Hang Gliders are equipped in the special item slot of the inventory and are toggled by pressing G.

Hang Gliders are currently not customizable. (Without the use of mods).


[edit] Requirements

To use a Hang Glider, the player has to buy one from the General Store in a City at a cost of 10 silver coins.

The player also requires at least 1 skill point in Hang Gliding after they have gained at least 5 skill points in climbing.

[edit] Usage

Hang gliding requires the use of Stamina for each time the player wishes to launch themselves into the air. It does not require additional stamina to glide after the first launch. However, consecutive mid-air boosts will require more stamina. Stamina will not regenerate while hang gliding. It seems the player can reach optimal distance by tapping jump (space) every 1/2 - 1 second.

Keep in mind the maximum speed of Hang Gliding is only reached while boosting with the spacebar, meaning overall speed may be lower than comparable skill in Riding, Swimming or Sailing.

If all stamina is used up whilst flying, the Hang Glider will spiral downwards and become uncontrollable by the player. Stamina can be regained with the Hang Glider equipped by gliding down to flat land and running along it, regaining stamina for each second on the ground.

If the players hits an opaque cube while flying, the character will become temporarily stunned. Clouds will not cause the gliding to stop. Instead, the character will only glide through it, much like real clouds.

Attacking or using abilities that attack will cause the player to put away the hang glider and fall.

[edit] Advanced

Not pressing any keys while Hang Gliding eventually results in a downward spiral, tapping the space bar will bring the character back to flying straight.

Being stunned while Hang Gliding results in falling, potentially receiving fall damage.

If a Hang Glider is tilted into a sharp turn, contacted the ground will result in being stunned as though the player had hit a wall while Hang Gliding.

Using the map does not interrupt Hang Gliding. Also, you cannot access your inventory while gliding, it will only show for half a second then disappear.

If the player has used all his or her stamina causing the hang glider to spiral down he or she can avoid lots of damage by letting him or herself fall from the hang glider just before hitting the ground.

[edit] Rogue

A Rogue with the Ninja specialization can aim Shurikens at the ground to jump, even while midair. By Hang Gliding and shooting Shurikens straight down a Ninja can regain a small amount of stamina and altitude, then press G to re-equip the Hang Glider. This allows a decent improvement in aerial mobility and range.

Any Rogue can use the Intercept ability while not far from the ground to land without taking fall damage, as long as at least one enemy is damaged by the Intercept.

A Rogue with the Assassin specialization can use the Way of the Shadows ability to temporarily be stealthed while Hang Gliding. This is impractical but looks really cool.

[edit] Mage

A Mage can use Teleport while Hang Gliding to land without taking fall damage.

[edit] Warrior

A Warrior can use Smash while close to the ground to avoid taking fall damage. A Guardian's special ability helps reduce fall damage.

[edit] Ranger

As a Ranger you can shoot an arrow close to the ground to avoid fall damage. You can also use the Retreat skill in mid air to gain a small amount of height. If the character is facing the screen, or is perpendicular to it, the forward momentum is increased. If you're a Scout, you can also use the Scout's Swiftness skill in flight to increase your speed considerably.

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