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Console Commands may be used by players during a session of Cube World in singleplayer gameplay or in multiplayer gameplay. These commands must be entered into the console during gameplay. Below is a list of all known commands that can be entered into the console. Arguments in <angle brackets> are required to have some form of value before the command may be used. Some commands may need to have certain conditions met in order to be successfully executed.

[edit] List of Commands

.[1]|| The target player must be online and exist in the same server as the user.
Command Description Prerequisites for Execution
/connect <target IP address> Will connect the user to the server of their choice, provided that the targeted IP address has an available CubeWorld server running. Server must exist and must be able to accept players.
/as Closes the server Must be connected to a server.
/disconnect Disconnects the player from the server. Must be connected to a server.
/level <target level> Elevates the user to the desired level. Skill Points and stats are adjusted accordingly. This command cannot normally be used and can only be used by Wollay in testing. None.
/name <desired name> renames the character you are playing none.
/namepet <desired name> renames your equipped pet none.

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